Make a difference - become a Teacher Associate

With the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge
Slide3 Background Corey Makoloski, Teacher

"We're all in this together

to help make the best education

possible for our students."

Corey Makoloski, Teacher

Slide3 Background Jen LeGrandeur, Teacher

"Watching someone come into

their own as a teacher is,

beyond words, rewarding."

Jen LeGrandeur, Teacher

Learn about Teacher Associates Learn about Teacher Associates

Learn about Teacher Associates:

a mentor to the next

generation of teachers.

"Having a pre-service teacher in my classroom brings fresh ideas, positivity and it provides a profound learning experience for everyone involved."

–Jordana Kohn, Educator, Nicholas Sheran Community School

"Being a Teacher Associate is not only an investment in the future of education, it also hones your craft and invites new strategies and techniques."

–Ken Rogers, Educator, Lethbridge Collegiate Institute

"There is no better way to stay current in your practice than to constantly challenge and re-shape your pedagogy with new insights and fresh perspectives.."

–Patrick Shackleford, Educator, Winston Churchill Highschool